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About the Owner

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Nicholas Tran, President
Trusted Consulting, LLC


Most of my career has been developing procedures and processes, work instructions, creating forms, and doing a full integration of AS9100 procedures as an Aerospace Consultant. This includes defining the organization's context, understanding its needs, determining the scope, defining leadership and it's commitment. Additionally, assigning organizational roles and responsibilities with authorities, establish a risk and opportunity program for continuous improvement, defining quality objectives and plans to achieve them, and ensure the support and resources are available to carry out each of these objectives. Trusted Consulting ensures that operationally, everything is running systematically off AS9100 requirements. Our expertise is creating a standard for capturing metrics for analysis, evaluation, and to develop a plan of continual improvement based on goals and metrics. 


Our service starts with a free consultation with an assessment and evaluation of the project. Daily operations and infrastructure will be evaluated before understanding the totality of services needed by the client.


Trusted Consulting looks to develop a "trusted" relationship with your company. Once immediate needs are taken care of, we may develop towards long term goals. A maintenance program may be put in place to sustain the system in place to always be prepared for an audit.


President & CEO
Trusted Consulting, LLC, CA

Director of Quality

TMX Engineering, CA

Production Director

TMX Engineering, CA


Director of Quality

Aerospace Engineering, CA

• Integrate AS9100 Rev D as a standard quality management system.

• Customize written procedures for the company on all sections and requirements of AS9100 Rev D.

• Conduct and pass yearly AS9100 Audits.

• Conduct and pass customer audits for SpaceX, Aerojet, Boeing, and others.

• Standardize AS9100 requirements to be integrated into the operations.
(This includes a contract review process, planning process, purchasing process, receiving/shipping process, identification/traveler process, nonconformance/MRB process, calibrated tooling management process, standardizing forms, maintenance process, a continuous improvement program, and an evaluation/analysis program of targets and goals (on-time delivery, new bookings, quality score, etc).

• Perform internal audits and carrying out corrective actions as necessary for a full integration of AS9100 Rev D.

• Categorize management and leadership team to main processes.

• Job description, define roles and tasks for each company position.

• Perform a gap analysis as necessary to find the missing pieces.

• Integrated HR employee management system training matrix, employee review/assessment program, and training program.

• Integrated and standardize a symbiotic connection between each department when it comes to connecting and sharing valuable information.

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